Little Island of Gozo

A stunning landmark

Ta Pinu Basilica, Gharb
This modern church was completed in 1931 but retains a sections of the original 19th century chapel.

The Little Island of Gozo

Thoughts before arrival

Located in the Maltese archipelago and in the Mediterranean Sea, Gozo is a part of Malta. I’m writing this part of this blog before leaving on our trip and I’m thinking “gee, we have 4 nights on this small island, is that too long a visit?”.  By the way, the island is 14km long and 7.25km wide.  I’m used to travelling 14km just to get to work each day.  However the population is approx 33,000 people!!!! That’s the same population as the City of Bunbury (where we now reside) but in about 1/4 of the area.  This will be interesting.  I also know that the little island of Gozo is known to be more rural and less developed than the main island of Malta.  Click here for more info on Gozo.

One more thing that’s really intrigues me is the fact that Gozo has been inhabited since 5000BC, yes that’s right 5000 years before Christ.  I’m not a history buff and have no idea how they work these things out but that’s a lot of history.

shows where i went for sunset photos

Sunset at Wied il Mielah

Thoughts after arrival

So, the little island of Gozo is really quite big when you try and get around on foot.  But between walking, a private tour for my photography and a day on the City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus we have seen quite a bit of the island.  It’s been very hot, it is very hilly and rather noisy.   Church bells chime at least hourly day and night, I’ve noticed them at 10pm and also 3am.  I’m not sure if they go off between those times.  There’s lots of farming land on the island, veggie gardens, grape vines, fruit trees and bales of hay all over.  We haven’t seen any livestock though.  No cows, sheep, not even chickens. 

Colourful boat sheds

Locals enjoying the evening at the Inland Sea Dwejra

It’s our last day on the island and I have enjoyed it but time to move to another location.  What more can I say except stay tuned for my next post from Malta.

Shows the busy main street

Main street Victoria

shows the salt pans on the coast

Xwejni Salt Pans in Zebbug

show where the salt is stored

Limestone Caves become the salt storage sheds

In My View – ‘Packsaddle Event’

The Journey

Early this year I entered a couple of images into the ‘In My View‘ competition run by the West Australian Photographic Federation (WAPF). I was fortunate enough to have my image ‘Packsaddle Event’ selected in the top 20 images.  It went on to take out 2nd place.  As a result I took home $300 and a high gloss copy of the book.  Please head on over to the WAPF website and take a read of the poem associated with my photo.  It’s written from the horses’ perspective.  Also take some time out to read the other stories.  Warning!!! You may need tissues.

Packsaddle Event at Best of the West Stockman Challenge 2018

Thanks to my neighbour Brian and his horses, the stars of this image


This competition calls for photographers to enter their best/favourite images to suit the topic.  This year being ‘We Are Australian’.  From these images the judges choose their top 20 images.  Writers are then invited to write a story or poem for one or more of the photographs of which one story for each photograph is selected.

The resultant body of work, 20 photographs with their accompanying story, are published in a book which are presented to the 40 finalists at the presentation night. 

Next Year

This post will hopefully help to spread the word and encourage more participants to enter next year, either as a photographer or writer.  Therefore ensuring the success of this competition for coming years.  Next year’s topic is ‘Broken’ and with photo entries to be submitted within the first half of 2019.  Plenty of time to get that entry ready.


If you’d like to see more images from the Best of the West Stockman Challenge please click here.


Finally Found One Black-shouldered Kite

Black-shouldered Kite (AKA Elanus axillaris)

It’s only taken about 3 years but I’ve finally spent some time with a black-shouldered Kite.  I’ve managed to get a couple of photos of these birds before but they’ve been off in the distance or have flown off on my approach. But not this day.  The weather was stunning for the middle of winter, no wind, not cold and beautiful reflections in the estuary.  The birds were chirping, people out walking everywhere.  

Black-Shouldered Kite Leschenault

I just love those red eyes and yellow legs and feet.  These small to medium raptors feed by dropping to the ground upon seeing mice, small lizards and ground birds.  More information can be found at Birdlife.

A big shout of thanks goes out to my friend Chris Tate for letting me know that this Kite has been hanging around Leschenault lately and that I had better get my act into gear and get out there.  

Black-Shouldered Kite Leschenault

Great Egret

I also came across this Great Egret sitting up on a branch for me.  These guys are often on the ground in amongst the grasses or in the water so you don’t always get the opportunity to photograph them legs and all.  These birds are stunning when they are in their breeding plumage usually in summer.

Great Egret

Free Your Images – What Does It Mean?

Free Your Images 

Free Your Images, what does this mean?  The days of taking your roll of film to get developed and coming home with 12 or 24 prints which you then put straight into your photo album or shoebox are over.  Now, in the digital age the majority of people are taking photos on their digital cameras and/or mobile phones and then doing nothing with them.  Or maybe they upload them to their computer and post a few to Facebook or other social media sites.  But the majority are kept hidden away.  By freeing your images you are showing them to the world or at least your family and friends.

So how can we free our images?  Get them printed.  Whether that means taking them to your local kiosk and printing your favourites out in 6″ x 4″ and putting them into albums.  Getting large prints made to frame and hang on your wall. Other options are POD’s and Photo books which I’ll go into shortly.  Personally, I print and hang images on my walls.  I have cushion covers, drink coasters and placemats printed and I always have a stash of my images printed onto birthday cards on hand.  I have also started getting photos printed onto clothing, they look great on shirts, leggings and scarves. The prints on my walls are all in wooden frames and they are set up so that I can easily change out the photos every year or two.

Free Your Images

Freeing My Images, cushions and prints from Namibia trip 2016

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Free Your Images with POD’s

What am I talking about you may ask?  POD’s are companies that will print an item when an order is made, even if it’s for just the one item.  They include companies like Redbubble, Zazzle, Society 6 and Blurb  The digital age opened up a whole new way of printing onto the products of your choosing.


Photo Books

In the 13 months from December 2016 I’ve made 7 photos books.  I’ve just collected them all into a pile and WOW I can’t believe how many that I’ve produced this past year and a bit.  Well to tell the truth I’ve got 6 books and the 7th is being uploaded to Blurb as I’m typing.  These are great for the coffee table.  I’ve recently come back from a tour through Baja Mexico and have sold a number of copies of the book to others that were on the tour.  I prepare my book layouts through the book module in Lightroom, which uploads direct to Blurb.  You can then buy a copy for yourself and put it up for sale for others to purchase directly.  Blurb is just one of the many book producers, if they don’t suit your needs then look around.

Free Your Images

Photo books by Blurb & Momento Pro


Clothing, coffee mugs, iphone covers, notebooks, cushions and much much more

Just a small sample of the type of products available on sites like Society6 and Redbubble.  They also have a collection of wall art ie photographic prints, canvas, posters and wall tapestries.



Stock Libraries

My final bit of info with regards to ‘Freeing Your Images’ is, if you have the time.  To sign up with a stock agency to sell your images.  Images of everyday life with and without people seem to sell reasonably well, they’re not looking for that masterpiece that belongs in an art gallery.  I current submit to Shutterstock, a micro stock agency, Stockimo, an iPhone stock agency and Alamy.

I’d love to hear back from any followers just how you ‘Free Your Image’