Footy Photography SWFL

I was invited along to the Brunswick oval last weekend for some “footy photography”, thanks Ash!  I took along my birding lens, a Canon 300mm prime lens and using my Canon 5D Mkiii had a great time in the very muddy boundary area.  I was very happy with the action that I captured, although most of the game took place on the far side of the oval I was able to crop in on my images without loosing quality. Light was falling fast as the game didn’t start until 5pm, my last shots, taken early in the 2nd quarter were taken at 3200 ISO.  I kept my aperture on f4, my ISO and shutter speed fluctuated a lot according to where the play was i.e. in the shadows or in the light.

Going for the ball - footy photography


Here’s a link to the footy page of the Bunbury Mail if you’d like to see more from the match.  Images at this site were taken by Ashley Pearce.