Day 19 Loreto to Guerrero Negro

Loreto to Guerrero Negro

The usual morning ride into the mountains, the twists and turns that Andy loves, then once more we see the Sea of Cortez.  Riding along Conception Bay enjoying our last day with these stunning views.

A short break at Mulege Mission Santa Rosalia which is small but rather nice and sits on a hill over the town.

We head a little further up the coast back on the water for our lunch stop at a little taco place in Santa Rosalia.  Awesome soft shelled beef tacos.

The afternoon sees us head towards the Pacific Ocean and the town of Guerrero Negro.  Not much here but a nice meal at a local restaurant.

Due to the nature of the roads (mountainous with tight curves etc) and not very strict road rules (people still allowed to ride in the back of utes) we have seen lots of little (and some not so little) roadside shrines where people have lost their lives.  The example below is the largest we saw but they do range from a simple cross to a small building.

Sea of Cortez

Moulage Mission Santa Rosalia

Build your home around the palm trees

Camping at Concepcion Bay Sea of Cortez

Roadside shrine

Day 2 on the Bikes Ensenada to Catavina

Through the desert today passing many Cirio Trees and Cardon Cacti with temperatures in the forties.  Also travelled through the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve which is the largest wildlife refuge in Mexico.  Can’t say we saw much wildlife except for Turkey Vultures, which are everywhere.

This is a real short post, time to head out and explore the town.



52 x 2 Journal

I can’t believe that it’s been 6 months since by last blog post. Where has this time gone I wonder, I’ll not leave it so long next time.

Ok, so my excuse is that I’m doing a 52 x 2 in a journal, I think that that’s the limit for me and putting words down on paper (or online). For the uninitiated 52 x 2 means I’m taking 2 images a week for 52 weeks, printing them and sticking them in a photo journal and writing a little story about the image. One image needs to be black and white (mono) and the other in colour. After I’ve selected my two images of the week I then take a photo with my iPhone.  Editing is carried out in Snapseed and then posted on Instagram. Click here if you’d like to take a look at my progress so far.

Coming up with the idea of starting this 52 x 2 journal came to me just before the new year.  I had purchased the journal months before but put it aside as too hard, then as happens around New Year and “New Year Resolution” time I had the bright idea of what I was going to do with this neat little photo book.  The main purpose was to help me polish up on my writing skills, which have just disappeared over the years. I’m often a couple of weeks behind in the writing department, which just goes to show that it’s not one of my favourite pastimes. I’ll keep plugging away at it though.

Here’s a couple of weeks to give you an idea.

52×2 Wk20

52×2 Wk14

52×2 Wk15

New Zealand Photo Book Finally

New Zealand's South Island

Well it’s been 16 months in the making but the New Zealand Photo Book is finally with the printers.  That printer being Blurb, the only company that I use these days, due to the fact that Lightroom has the built in book module which uses Blurb.  I’ve gone for the large format for the first time (13″ x 11″) and gee I hope my images look good.  To take a look at the book click on the book below.

If you’re interested in creating your own book with Blurb please click here to Start creating your Blurb book today >>

Autumn in the South

By Chris de Blank

Abstract Trees after the Fire

About 5 weeks after the devastating bushfires that flattened the historical town of Yarloop I headed up the highway to see what inspiration Mother Nature could shed.  She didn’t let me down.  The native trees and shrubs were making a comeback with green shoots appearing everywhere you looked.  Some trees were covered in them and others just had one or two new shoots starting to break their way through the charred bark.  The colours were amazing.  There is one particular stand of trees which caught my eye, they are so straight and a light colour but black around the ground.  This is where I started my “Abstract Trees” series.  A small collection of images of trees where I have used blur to add interest.  I have stopped down (or decreased the size of my aperture) to help reduce my shutter speed to show blur when I drop my lens whilst pressing the shutter. As it was a particularly bright morning I had to use a CPL filter also, to get the effect I was after.  All of these images were taken at f22 with a shutter speed between 1/10 sec and 1/15 sec.  Here’s just a couple of my favourites. Click Here to see the ABC’s before and after aerial images of Yarloop.

After the fire abstract

After the fire abstract

After the fire abstract

After the fire abstract

After the fire abstract

Hello world!

Bunbury City Walk

New Street Art in the Bunbury CBD


Welcome to the launch of my new website. As those of you who have created their own websites will know, it is a big job. Lots of new terminologies to take on board like, hosts, SEO, analytics, keyword structure, crawling and I could just keep going. Anyway, I'm going live today even though it's not "finished". I don't think a website is ever finished, there's always updates to do to keep things fresh and people interested.

This blog (and website) will show you my current photographic work, both business and pleasure and I'm hoping it'll also contain some hints, tips and links for those just starting out on their photographic journey.

Please, my friends, if you ever see any major faux pas that I've posted, please let me know. Editing my own work is not one of my strong points.
Thanks for looking and hope to see you back again. Chris