Hello world!

Bunbury City Walk

New Street Art in the Bunbury CBD


Welcome to the launch of my new website. As those of you who have created their own websites will know, it is a big job. Lots of new terminologies to take on board like, hosts, SEO, analytics, keyword structure, crawling and I could just keep going. Anyway, I'm going live today even though it's not "finished". I don't think a website is ever finished, there's always updates to do to keep things fresh and people interested.

This blog (and website) will show you my current photographic work, both business and pleasure and I'm hoping it'll also contain some hints, tips and links for those just starting out on their photographic journey.

Please, my friends, if you ever see any major faux pas that I've posted, please let me know. Editing my own work is not one of my strong points.
Thanks for looking and hope to see you back again. Chris

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