Jurien Bay

I was fortunate enough to be up at Jurien Bay early morning on Sunday, the day after the big storm.  Missed the sunrise but only just.  The old jetty is a great subject for photos.  I happen to leave some gear in the car by accident so instead of going back to get it I thought no, how can I make this work without the ND grad filters which I wanted to use.  Lucky for me in my bag I had a 6 stop Neutral Density filter to give me the slow shutter speed of 2 and 4 seconds and also a circular polariser which reduced a bit of the bright sky for me.  A bit more of a touch up in Lightroom and all’s good.  The 3rd image is of the colourful change rooms which they have just set back off the beach.

Jurien Bay Beach Change Rooms

Jurien Bay Old Jetty 2

Early morning light on old jetty