The Story Behind the Image

Bunbury back beach

The Story Behind the Image is not my usual type of post but I hope you enjoy reading it and maybe with some encouragement I’ll do another similar post sometime soon.  I was asked by the guys at Light if I’d be interested in blogging about one of my favourite images which would then be posted on  their Pinterest Vantage Point Project site. Please head on over and take a look.

Although not everyones favourite image this is one of mine, I’m not sure if it’s because of the colours or the light or just the fact that it’s different to the usual “Bunbury Back Beach” images which I see regularly.  I headed to the coast (approx 25 mins away) before sunrise on World Photo Day 2014 hoping for a colourful sunrise.  A cloudless, colourless morning broke in front of me.  Oh dear, I was hoping for a masterpiece this morning.  Using my Canon 5D mkiii and 24-105mm lens I set up in the area of the black basalt rocks and took a couple of snaps of the water flowing thru the rocks creating little waterfalls.  They were nice but I wanted more than nice.  A little disheartened I packed up my gear and started to head to my car.  I had not gone very far when the sun peaked it’s head over the hill by the beach and shone it’s light on these little waterfalls pictured.

Using an ND filter to slow my shutter speed to 8″ and with the following settings I created this image.  ISO 100, F11 and shooting in RAW as I always do.  In the original shot was the horizon and one of the usual ships that are sitting off the coast but I decided that I wanted the close up look only.

Let me quickly explain about Light.  They have created a small camera that combines 16 cameras into one and the it’s about the size of a smartphone. I’ll not try an explain the technical side of it, head on over to their site and watch their videos.  Sounds like an awesome travel/everyday camera to me.