Anytime Fitness Model Shoot

I’m a member of a Facebook group called Snap Happy South West which organise a variety of shoots for it’s members.  This one in particular captured my attention.  2 well chiseled models, a gym (Anytime Fitness Treendale) and a huge learning curve for me.  With all of the mirrors around the walls and all of the photographers you needed to be creative to come up with poses and shooting angles where you or other photographers didn’t appear in the reflections.  Many thanks to our models Nathan Whitton and Danae Cornford.

The first 4 B&W pics were taken with 2 speed lights on stands, 1 with a soft box and 1 with an umbrella (can see these in the reflection in one of the images)

Anytime Fitness Shoot-1

Anytime Fitness Shoot-2

Anytime Fitness Shoot-3

Anytime Fitness Shoot-4

Anytime Fitness Shoot-7

No flash, high ISO

Anytime Fitness Shoot-5

Off camera flash with no soft box creating harsh light (aiming for the tough look)

Anytime Fitness Shoot-6

No flash, high ISO