WA Country Builders Treendale

I had the opportunity to shoot WA Country Builders Treendale display home during the week and it reminded me of the challenges of interior RE photography.  There’s the big difference between the bright outdoors (often you can’t choose your time of day to shoot) and the darker interior.  I chose to use bracketing for these images.  So, 3 images at different exposures approx 2.5 stops between each.  I then did a HDR merge in Lightroom.

My next challenge is getting that camera level to avoid those converging verticals which are a big no no.  I have a little bubble level which slots into my hotshoe and is a must for me.  There’s more images over in my Real Estate Interiors gallery if you’re interested.

Country Builders Real Estate Treendale-5

Country Builders Real Estate Treendale-9


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