Buying 2nd hand photography equipment?

I’m blogging today about something different to my usual style.  I’ve purchased a number of 2nd hand lenses over the years and it’s always a bit of a gamble.  Is there something wrong with it so worse still is it stolen property?

I signed up with a number of months ago.  You enter all of your equipment including serial number and upload your proof of purchase if available, it is then checked against the stolen items list and is verified when ok.  The site has a list of stolen gear and the serial numbers so allows you some piece of mind when looking at purchasing 2nd hand gear.  The more people that we can get registered on this site the harder it’s going to become for the thieves to resell the gear.

Another handy feature is the Copyright Alert, here’s an excerpt from the Lenstag Website to help with the explaination

“We’ve also added the ability for users to set copyright alerts. Upload an image into your Lenstag account with your copyright written into the EXIF data and we’ll use that to help track down images with even more nuance than just serial number alone. You will find this in the Settings page of your account.”


Todays picture is of the Wanaka Tree in New Zealand (processed using Topaz Simplify)

Chris de Blank Wanaka Tree